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Growing with Lourie Life and Health

By August 15, 2022August 18th, 2022News
Lourie Life & Health

Beginning in July of 2022, we will be affiliated with Lourie Life and Health, one of the premier field marketing and support organizations (FMO) in the US. Based in South Carolina, and founded by Joel Lourie and Chris Johnson in 2011, Lourie is a full-line health insurance agency and FMO, committed to meeting our customers needs in all 50 states.

We depend on our FMO for contracting, training, client engagement software, compliance, and specific product expertise. The Lourie team has built the team, tools, and expertise to meet our client’s needs now and into the future. We serve our clients wherever they are. Many of our clients spend extended time abroad – particularly Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. We need to be able serve them based on any permanent address in the US, and reach and service them in a compliant, user-friendly, and efficient basis whether they are in the US or abroad.

This points to the demands for electronic communication, compliant with the latest Medicare requirements, as critical to our success now and in the future. The team at Lourie continues the development of MyLourie, their proprietary software platform, to meet these needs through integrated, HIPAA compliant, telephonic and contract management.
Finally, the Lourie team is dedicated to the efficient use of social media, written educational insights, online training, and webinars to reach our customers where they are, and when they want to talk. They are helping us use and develop tools to ensure the highest level of compliant service – 100% of the time. We are delighted to have been invited to join the Lourie team, and will be introducing our friends and clients to their team and tools in the near future.

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