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Medicare made

simple understandable accessible easy for you.

Getting In Touch With Us

We are required to get some info from you before we can thoroughly discuss your health plan situation and make recommendations
Here are the steps via our Client Engagement Portal:

1. Client Engagement Form

This is 1st step.  This gives the basic information about you and your needs and provides an idea of how we can assist you.

Start Here!

2. Scope of Appointment Form

This is 2nd step.  After you fill out the Client Engagement Form you will be redirected to thee Scope of Appointment Form. Before any Medicare beneficiary (or their authorized representative), Medicare requires that Licensed Sales Representatives use this form to ensure your appointment focuses only on the type of plan and products you are interested in.

3. Book Time On Our Calendar

This is the 3rd and final step.  Now you’re ready to book time for your virtual Zoom call with Fortend Health.

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Healthcare and Medicare coverage doesn't have to be complicated.

Fortende Health was founded with the mission to make the complex simple when it comes to Medicare healthcare coverage.  We get it because we lived it ourselves.  In a very important and transitional phase of a person’s life, understanding what options and coverage available to you are extremely important.

Fortende Health provides help at the right time

Enrolling in Medicare at the standard age of eligibility, 65, can be confusing and burdensome to many applicants. This leads to the most vulnerable seniors forgoing the healthcare coverage they need. We want to help unpack the detailed nuances of all the Medicare parts and dispel any myths to guide you to a perfect solution for your healthcare needs.

Understand your coverage options with Fortende Health advisory services.

Recently I retired from teaching, and needed to apply for Medicare B. It was so confusing trying to figure out what I needed to do, if I wanted an advantage plan, and further confusion since I was retiring to Mexico. I read about Wes Chapman and Fortende Health, and emailed him with some questions. I cannot say enough about the help and superior service that I received. Wes went out of his way to help me find the best advantage plan, and helped me navigate through the Medicare system. I would have been truly lost without him. He responded quickly to any questions, researched plans for me, and helped me figure out how to get medical help here in Mexico with Medicare B. If you are retiring and need help, Wes will help you to get the best plan for you. I recommend him 100%!

Candace S.Customer

I don’t normally take the time to write a review, but in this case I couldn’t be happier to do so. I found Wes and Fortende Health while looking for a medicare policy that would better work for my in-laws who spend a significant amount of their time out of the country. I hit the jackpot. Wes possesses a deep knowledge of how medicare plans are structured, what they will and will not cover and how they are priced.
His expertise reaches far beyond what I have typically encountered when working with healthcare plan intermediaries and it is provided in an easy to understand and caring way. I am extremely pleased with the advice and service I received and will be using Fortende’s services in the future.

David G.Customer

Experience and Trust

We have been involved in healthcare for decades and are experts in this field.  Trust us to guide you to the right options the suit you best.

We Are Here To Help

Book time with our experts to review your situations and we’ll help you navigate this complex Medicare and healthcare landscape.

Understand Your Options

Understand your options, we’ll help you feel confident with the options and path you choose for Medicare healthcare coverage.