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About Us

Making the complex simple

We started for Fortende Health to help fellow retirees navigate the mass confusion that we encountered when signing up for Medicare when we turned 65. We naïvely anticipated easing into Medicare nirvana – great coverage, simple to understand, and low-cost – nothing could be better! And nothing was further from the truth we encountered. Instead, we were inundated by people selling products we did not understand – phone, direct mail, and internet. And you need to understand, we spent our careers building companies in healthcare.

It was simple – we felt hustled and had no one to trust. Medicare sends you a 120 pages manual filled with hundreds of click-throughs and wish you the best of luck. We struggled, managed to sign up, and two years later we were still sorting out the mess that we created with the original sign-up.  Along the way we figured out how the system works, what type of coverage we actually needed, including things like spending extended time outside the United States and still getting reasonable medical coverage. And how to save thousands of dollars from the original mess we signed up for. 

In a Nutshell

How Fortende Health Started

We are a couple guys proud to have built successful careers in businesses and are blessed with terrific families but found that trying to ease into retirement was painful, in large part because the Medicare coverage was so problematic. Fortende Health was founded to help people confidently enter Medicare, ready to grab the best of their go-go retirement years.

Informed Decisions

Piece of mind is priceless when it comes to healthcare plans.

Fortende Health is a company dedicated to helping our customers make the most informed choice for the right Medicare plan at the right budget. We take the time to develop the best plan for you – and if we cannot place it for you, we’ll send you along to someone that can. Our fundamental objective is to earn your trust - that you are getting objective and timely advice.
Fortende Health is in your corner for as long as you need us. Our experience is that dealing with the initial billing and claims for new Medicare recipients can be unnerving. Retirement brings a lot of changes, and we will be there making sure that your Medicare changes as your needs and circumstances change.

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